Indian Society for Choronobiology (InSC)
  Indian Society for Chronobiology (InSC)  
  The Indian Society for Chronobiology was founded on the 12th of December 1977 in Mumbai (then Bombay). Today it has several members ranging from active researchers to students from all over the country. Its members share a common interest in understanding biological rhythms ranging from the ultradian, circadian (daily) to circannual (seasonal, annual) phenomena.

The main aims of the Society are:
To further the study of organisms in relation to the temporal order of the nature.
To study structure and mechanisms of temporal adaptation, both by empirical and theoretical approaches.
To promote the subject of Chronobiology both at the School and College level of Education.
To promote the excellence in research in Chronobiology by organizing the workshops and
To disseminate the importance and benefits of knowledge of Chronobiology to common man
by carrying out frequent outreach activities.
To provide yearly forum for discussion and exchange of ideas among the chronobiologists.
To interact with the other Societies having similar areas of interest.
Indian Society for Choronobiology (InSC)
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